About Us


We are Beatrix and Christian, the SPO’s of Bio Pool and as incomprehensible as this may sound to you: We are here to change the world. But we need your help! We have been involved in environmental protection for over 11 years and have spent our vacations participating in beach cleanups and helping out with animal welfare in rescue camps.

Since we have a big heart for animals, it makes us all the sadder when we see animals in captivity or when they suffer from environmental influences. Forest fires and deforestation accelerate the extinction of species in the world and are caused by climate change as well as human greed for profit.

To help in this case, we have opened our own stakepool. Our goal is to give a voice to every living being as well as our members in the pool, to preserve the gift of what should be the most precious to all of us: Nature!

Our mission is to use Cardano’s decentralized financial system to support the work of environmental organizations to protect our ecosystems and wildlife.

Our vision is a peaceful world where every living being is treated with respect and every human being is equal regardless of skin color, nationality, or religion.

We happily welcome everyone who joins us on our mission! Stake with Bio Pool!

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