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Check out our How To / FAQ area below to get your questions answered. If there is still anything you don´t know or need to know about us, the pool and our projects, feel free to contact us anytime, using either our Email or our contact form.


What is the BIO project?

The Bio project was launched to make environmental protection accessible to every Cardano delegator without neglecting the actual benefits of Cardanos ecosystem.
With your delegation to our BIO pool you will be rewarded for the amount of your ADA just like in any other pools. We have no higher fees and we do not take anything away from your staking rewards.

We only use the pools income to support environmental organizations all over the world. Furthermore, if you stake your ADA to our pool, you will have the opportunity to decide which projects should be supported.

How can I delegate to BIO pool?

For the delegation to our pool you need a wallet within the Cardano ecosystem, such as Yoroi or Daedalus. You also need the currency ADA which can be bought from many platforms, such as Bitpanda, Binance or Coinbase (just to name a few).

As soon as you have bought your ADA and moved it to your own wallet, you are able to delegate to any pool within the Cardano blockchain. Make sure you search for Ticker “BIO” within your delegation tab to find us.

How can I register on your website to vote for projects?

Registering on our website is very easy. Just click the Login / Register button in the upper right corner. You need to assign a username, password and email address as well as the stake ID in which you staked your ADA to Bio pool. This hash ID is public and you can find it in your wallet or on under the delegators tab.

This address always starts with the word stake

Providing the ID only serves to identify you as a delegator. This ID is similar to a fingerprint and therefore it can only exist once.
It is the easiest and safest way to recognize you as a part of our pool.

We did a video on this topic to explain how the voting system works. Make sure you enable subtitles in your language:

Voting/Register on our website

If you still have questions please contact us directly on twitter or discord



Are my personal details safe within your website?

Our registration was programmed in a way that you are anonymous at all times. The data you use for registration will never be available to the public.

Within our voting system you are as well anonymous at all times. It will only display how much percent have voted for a project but never who has voted exactly. 

How many votes do I have?

You can only vote for one project at a time but you can always change your decision. Should you decide on another project, simply vote for it and your vote will count from that exact moment. 

How is the money distributed among the projects?

We want every vote to have an impact. Even if there is only one vote for an environmental organization, that one should not be left out. That is why we divide the total number of voters into a percentage-based system. All votes together always result in 100%. Depending on the number of votes an environmental organization receives the percentage is then split and distributed evenly across all of which have received at least one vote. That is fair and will make every vote count!

Can I propose projects?

Of course you can! Simply write us a message using the contact form with all relevant data about an environmental organization you would love to support.

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