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Bio Pool

Server Infrastructure

The BIO server infrastructure consists of several private and public relay-servers hosted on 3 different continents (EU, US and ASIA)
and promises an uptime of 99,99%. All of our servers are monitored and maintained by an experienced technician.

Since the launch of our pool, we have not missed a single block and every leader slot assigned to us by the blockchain has been successfully minted!

Why should I choose BIO Pool?

BIO Pool has been around since February 18th, 2021. At least 50% of the pools income will be invested in environmental projects around the world. Please visit our “How To” section to get an understanding of what we do exactly. We have a voting system in place so that you can choose projects you wish to support and vote for them actively. We audit the donations every month using Twitter tagging the NGOs in it and also provide donation reports and receipts transparently.

What is the catch?

In fact, there is none! Our pool works in exactly the same way as any other pool within the Cardano ecosystem. Through your delegations, you will get ~5% percentage-based rewards on your ADA in our pool. The only difference between this pool and other pools is that we will not use the pools income for our personal well-being, but instead we will donate a large part of the income to environmental organizations. In that way we help projects that affect us all and for which we have to take responsibility.

Due to our environmental work in the past, we’ve been able to get to know many NGOs and non-profits and their environmental projects. There are many ways to make lasting changes.

With your delegation, you ensure the growth of this pool.