Total ADA donated

in USD


Every vote counts


We want every vote to have an impact. Even if there is only one vote for an environmental organization, that one should not be left out! That is why we divide the total number of voters into a percentage-based system.
All votes together always result in 100%. Depending on the number of votes an environmental organization receives, the percentage is then split and distributed evenly across all of which have received at least one vote. That is fair and will make every vote count!

How much?

We donate at least 50% of ALL pool rewards to projects who got votes from our delegation.

Because we do manage the servers on our own, the cost for this is pretty low and therefore we will pay the server rent privately. The tax regulations are different. Because of that, we have to deduct 25% upfront from the pools income and store it in a tax wallet. That is the regular tax fee for the so-called “capital gains tax“.



We gather the pools income for one month straight and donate everything within the next month. You can track all donations and receipts by either joining our Discord or on our Projectpage within the description of the NGOs.

Join our Discord for more detailed donation receipts.